CMPI – Conflict Management & Physical Intervention

Added on 26/01/2024
Course Type CMPI
Location Norwich
Length 4 Days

Full Description

Conflict management and physical intervention (CMPI) is Inspire Trainings specialised course. It has been designed to equip individuals with the skills to de-escalate and where necessary and employ physical intervention techniques to safely manage challenging or potentially violent situations to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Physical Intervention training aims to maintain the safety of everyone involved, allowing the individual to recover self-control, acquire alternative behaviours that over a period may result in a decrease in the frequency and level of intervention required.

Working in healthcare brings many rewards and challenges. The rights and dignity of people who use services, even when presenting in a physically challenging way is paramount.

The aim of the course is to provide the client with:

  • An understanding of Physical Interventions, and the legal and professional implications of their use.
  • An understanding of how to reduce the risk of injury when Physical Interventions are used.
  • An understanding of ‘good practice, to follow Physical Interventions
  • A ‘Toolbox’ of a range of basic Physical Intervention and breakaway techniques
  • De-escalation techniques and strategies to avoid physical intervention.
  • The confidence and knowledge to safely apply physical intervention where necessary.

Our initial course takes place over four consecutive days and is valid for a period of 12 months. We then offer refresher training which just takes two consecutive days to complete.

These skills and techniques are often underused. One of the biggest reasons for individual and staff injury is the inappropriate use of force owing to lack of confidence and inability to remember and apply the fundamental principles of the techniques taught. Our experienced team of instructors have a wealth of experience in physical intervention have developed this course to specifically address these problems and ensure individuals and staff are best served.

Who is CMPI Training (Conflict Management & Physical Intervention) for?

Our CMPI training has been primarily designed for a high-risk working environment within the health and social care area providing services to Adults and Children. However, the training is ideal for those that work in the community, in isolation, and within education.

Do I need to be physically fit to attend the training?

The course is ‘hands on’ and you should be physically fit to undertake a full range of physical activities. Each participant will be required to sign a declaration agreeing that they will take responsibility for their own safety on the course. Where there is a physical or health condition which may impair their safe participation on the course, the course instructor will provide specific advice and guidance. If there is concern about the suitability of a candidate for the course, please contact us and we can discuss further. 

Do I need to wear anything specific?

The course contains physical elements. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing such as gym wear. Participants will need to remove wrist watches, rings, bracelets etc. to ensure the safety of others on the course.

Where is the training delivered?

Our premises in Norwich, Norfolk are properly equipped with all the equipment and space needed. We do not offer virtual training; however, our team can sometimes travel to your location or place of work for group bookings, please email for more information.

Do I need CMPI?

If you are unsure if CMPI meets the needs of your client/service. We can complete a behaviour audit or service review and identify whether staff need to be trained in CMPI or whether a different course such as breakaway would be more suitable.

How many people will there be on the course?

Due to nature of some of the activities we like to keep the training in small groups of no more than 12 with one instructor.

Do you offer consultancy?

Healthcare can be complex and service users unique. Our team of instructors have a wealth of experience across a variety of healthcare settings. From dementia care to psychiatric intensive care units and have trained and used Where a service is having difficulty with a specific issue (such as challenging behaviour combined with physical illness or disability or difficulty coping with unique behaviours) we can offer a unique consultancy service where we will visit, analyse, and aim to recommend a unique solution. Contact us for more information.